Platinum Ball Python Morph (7 Beautiful Photos + Info)

The Lesser Platinum Ball Python morphs, often just called Lessers, are one of the special ones, although it’s tough not defining them all as special. 

The Lesser is a base morph, meaning these snakes are an incredible starting point for breeding new kinds of intricate morphs. 

As with all morphs, they vary in texture, size, patterning, and color. However, the Lesser morph isn’t much different from the original ball python. In terms of size and patterning, they’re the same. It’s the color that really steals the show for these Platinum beauties. 

Compare a Lesser Platinum ball python morph to the standard ball python and you’ll without a doubt notice the difference. With the Lesser resting next to the standard, you’ll see that the Lesser is a lot brighter. Showing off creams, almost luminous yellows, and lighter brown splotches. 

Origins of the Lesser Platinum Ball Python

Nearly all snake breeders started out with a ball python. Common to find, they weren’t anything special.

But when cross-breeding started, the game changed. Waking up to the potential that breeding had, people started experimenting with different genes to create new kinds of morphs. Today there are around 6,500 different types of morphs.

The original Platinum was a snake that was imported from Africa by a snake breeder. This unique snake was called “Platty Daddy”. With the genetic makeup labeled “Lesser Platinum”.

The Lesser Ball Python morph shares the same allele with the Blue-Eyed Leucistic Ball Python, the homozygous form. It’s also in the same complex as other morphs, such as the Phantom, Mocha, Mojave, and Butter pythons. 

Lesser Platinum Ball Python Morph Genetics

The dominant gene in the platinum is the Het Daddy, while the co-dominant is the Lesser gene. 

So a Platinum Ball Python is, simply put, a Lesser Platinum that is bred with the Lesser and Het Daddy gene.  

It’s quite tricky to understand because this Platinum is an experimental morph. Breeders who’ve owned a pure Platinum (Het Daddy) and bred it with another kind of morph have bred out the patterning and genetic make-up completely. 

The Platinum gene has gone as far as being called a hidden gene because, from the outside, the babies produced from the breeding are completely standard. 

The Lesser can then be bred with the Het Daddy gene to produce a Lesser Platinum. That’ll allow you to achieve the beautiful, bright yellow coloring of the Platinum.

When you breed with a Lesser, they can add color to other morphs and intensify the blushing appearance. You can create beautiful color combinations, with each batch revealing small varying traits.

Lesser Platinum Ball Pythons As Pets

Like with all of the ball python morphs, these snakes make for pretty incredible pets. They’re low maintenance, have a friendly nature, and they’re generally awesome eaters. As a first-time snake owner, taking good care of a ball python isn’t too complex. 

Having a snake that’s a good eater changes the game for new snake owners because it’s probably one of the most intimidating tasks. Captive morphs live off a diet of mainly rats and mice. Although some are spoilt with chicken and quail.

Wild-caught ball pythons have a tough time adjusting to life in captivity. It’s always best practice to own a morph that has been raised in captivity. This helps avoid illegal trade and unusual parasites. 

How Much do Lesser Platinum Ball Pythons Cost?

Back in the days when owning a snake was seen as more elite, you could get your hands on a Lesser for around $30,000. Fortunately for us snake fanatics, you’ll be able to purchase a standard, nothing special, Lesser for $100.

Of course, there’s always the option of purchasing a snake based purely on their enchanting patterning and coloring. Expect to pay up to $3,500 for a specialized adult. For a youngster, you could get lucky and find one for cheaper.

Where to Buy Lesser Platinum Ball Python Morphs

While there are thousands of exotic ball python mixes, the Lesser will present itself in many different ways. This means that there’s a wide variety of Lesser Ball Pythons for sale.

You might get lucky and find one of these beauties at your local exotic pet shop or local breeder. Purchasing a snake in person is a good way to go. You can examine the health and temperament of the snake, as well as gain an understanding of their personality.

Buying a morph online is also another great way to go. Find a reputable site, like XYZ Reptiles, which is trusted by many snake owners. They work solely with captive-bred pythons and don’t involve wild-caught animals. 

Lesser Platinum Ball Python Pictures

The Lesser Platinums have an almost velvety appearance, that at times looks soft and reveals blushing colors of browns, yellows, and oranges. Their brown and yellow coloring is often more radiant than the classic ball python morph.

Check out how the morphs can vary in color. Some show off more luminous and bright colors, while others appear softer with lighter browns and creams.

These morphs add just a little something extra compared to the ball python morph most of us see.

beautiful platinum ball python on a black background
mojave ball python morph with it's mouth slightly open
beautiful closeup of a mojave ball python
Platinum ball python morph in owners hand
platinum ball python morph on the glass wall of it's terrarium

Other Morphs

If you’re fascinated by the potential that these Lesser Platinums have, you’ll be just as delighted by the morphs. Take a look at these interesting morphs:

Your Journey with Your Platinum Ball Python Morph

When you take a moment to consider the incredible variety of ball python morphs, two things become apparent. 

Firstly, these snakes make incredible pets. With their calm nature and friendly demeanor, a ball python morph is arguably one of the most popular species to keep as pets.

Secondly, being easy to breed, these snakes can produce insanely beautiful offspring. Each snake can hold completely unique coloring and fascinating patterns.

If you’ve had experience with breeding, consider adding one of these Lesser Platinum Ball Python morphs to your collection. Their nature and beauty will surprise you.