Calico Ball Python Morph (8 Extraordinary Photos + Info)

The calico ball python is a pretty impressive morph. Once you’ve tried your hand breeding or owning the species, you can truly appreciate the potential that these snakes have for creating new variations. 

The calico ball morph brings the white colors of its underbelly onto the top of its slender body. This whiteness essentially creeps into the darker brown and yellow scales.  

However, the difference between these snakes’ coloring is extreme.

Some may show off darker lines contrasting against bright whites, while others create an almost ombre pattern of lighter colors transforming into an entirely new color.

Although there are so many color variations of the calico, their personalities remain well sought after. They’re one of the most docile and friendly snakes, easy to care for, and live a long life while remaining a small size of 3-5 feet. 

Origins of the Calico Ball Python Morph

Ball Pythons are native to the tall grasslands of West and Central Africa. However, the ball python morphs have been selectively bred, allowing the snake to be well-diversified.

This selective breeding process is done by isolating the genes and has led to around 4,000 different morphs in captivity.

Calico Ball Python Genetics

If you were to breed a calico ball python morph with any other ball python, half of their hatchlings would feature the calico patterning.

This is because it is a dominant mutation, and depending on the line of the calico, they can either be more or less white.

It also happens to be part of the fun of breeding ball python morphs. By breeding a pastel calico female with a dark-colored snake, you can create an entirely unique, bamboo color. 

Keep in mind, your calico’s growth alters the color and pattern of your snake. As they get older, it’s not uncommon that more white makes an appearance. The mutation is technically an enhancing gene that highlights the pattern on the snake’s body.

Where to Buy This Morph

Given the huge popularity of these snakes, calico ball python morphs are easy to come by. Chances are that if there’s an exotic pet store in your area, there’s a calico, too.

When buying a snake, there are a lot of things to look out for, especially the snake’s health and well-being. In-person sales are best in this case, and preferably from a reliable and reputable source.

If you purchase a snake online, XYZ Reptiles is an excellent source. This organization is a trusted place to buy calico ball pythons, with captive-bred pythons only.

How Much Do Calico Ball Python Morphs Cost?

With the variety of color patterns found in a calico, price tags range according to how unique and spectacular the snake is.

Buyers have the option to purchase a snake for selective breeding and over time, breed colors they favor. 

Buying for breeding requires you to already own a snake, and have adequate experience with breeding. A simpler approach would be to buy a snake whose colors you’ve fallen in love with. 

More general and common color calico prices start at around $150. But if unique and rare morph iterations are what you’re after, you can expect to pay up to $3500.

Calico Ball Python Morphs for Sale

A diverse selection of these breeds is readily available. As well as the fact that they come in all different sizes and ages. 

If you’re looking to add a calico to your collection, keep the following things in mind.

How to Differentiate from a Standard Ball Python

If you’re not an experienced snake enthusiast, differentiating between a standard ball python and a calico ball python morph proves to be challenging. And it’s totally understandable to get the two confused. 

With similar patterns and coloring, markets for the snake can at times be unreliable. While they may look similar, it can be an issue for breeding and understanding your snake.

By looking at the tale of the snake, you can get a grasp on the true depiction of the calico mutation. As you move along the snake’s body, the highlighting gets more and more beautiful. 

The ‘alien heads’ near the tail begin to morph into one, creating incredible coloring and contrasts of colors. This is one of the defining features of a calico and something to look out for when purchasing one of these beauties. 

Keep an eye out for the coloring on the underbelly, too, as it tends to have different shades of color in the calicos. 

Fascinating Calico Ball Python Morphs Pictures

Take a look at these beautiful calico ball pythons, each showing off bright colors of yellow and brown. Notice how their calico patterns range in shape and size. 

In the wild, these darker colors help camouflage the snake; and being shy creatures, they don’t like to attract a lot of attention. 

calico ball python morph

Calico ball pythons can vary a lot in color.

calico ball python morph
stunning calico ball python morph on a white background

A great way to identify a calico ball python morph is to look for pigment-less looking scales. You’ll see what we’re talking about in many of these photos.

Some of the scales look to be white and without pigments.

Calico ball python morph in a human hand

Check out this cutie!

Ball pythons tend to like basking in the sun.

You can really see the white scales in this photo.

See how prominent they are? Dead giveaway that this is a calico morph.

two calico ball pythons entwined

Not all Calico ball pythons have the pronounced white scales, though. See above.

These two morphs look to be iterations of calico, meaning they are mixed with some other genetic mutation.

Other Morphs 

Fallen in love with the Calico ball python morph? Then be sure to check out some of these other fascinating breeders and their color patterns.

Your Journey with a Calico Ball Python Morph

As well as being an excellent beginner pet snake, the calico is extremely easy on the eyes. Their stunning patterning, rainbows of color, and breeding potential make them a great part of your snake collection. 

Watch as your snake changes colors as they grow, or as their friendly demeanor warms up to you. In reality, you couldn’t select a better snake; given how beautiful they are and how great they have adapted to being in captivity.