Snake Species List | Types of Snakes

Did you know that ‘Snake Breeds’ is actually incorrect? There are technically no snake breeds, as snakes are a breed of their own.

Since snakes cannot cross breed (e.g. mating a corn snake with a ball python), there’s no such thing as ‘snake breeds’. Alternatively, there are around 3,000 known snake species, and we are working to compile as many of them as possible right here. Enjoy!


Hog Island Boa

Kenyan Sand Boa

Rubber Boa

Blue Racer Snake

Blue Racer Snake Species
Source: Reddit | u/LazerGazer

Chicken/Yellow Rat Snake

Yellow Rat Snake Species


Cape Coral Cobra

Egyptian Cobra (Asp)

Red Spitting Cobra

Elephant Trunk Snake

Elephant Trunk Snake Species


Jungle Carpet Python

White Lipped Python | u/commonvanilla


African Bush Viper

Eyelash Viper

Golden Lancehead Viper | r/imagesofthe1980s

Mamushi (Japanese) Pit Viper

Russell’s Viper

Queen Snake

Ringneck Snake

Sunbeam Snake

Western Fox Snake