Firefly Ball Python Morph (8 Striking Photos + Facts)

As the title suggests, the Firefly Ball Python is a truly striking morph. With an almost-neon yellow body, similar to the Bumblebee Ball Python, this morph lives up to the “firefly” name. 

That’s why this morph is a common pet snake and is popular among both beginners and enthusiasts.

This morph has dark brown markings, sometimes closer to jet black, spread across its golden body. This creates an incredible color contrast that is really eye-catching. 

Interestingly enough, unlike other morphs, this ball python actually gets better looking as it gets older. Their yellow bodies get brighter and more intense as the years pass. 

The headstamp achieves a washed-out effect as a result of the Fire Ball Python morph gene combining with the Pastel gene. 

The incredible Firefly Ball is the ideal snake to add to your collection, whether you are a seasoned collector or first-time buyer. You can’t help but smile when greeted by this luminous morph!

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the Firefly Ball Python Morph below. 

Discovery of the Firefly Ball Python Morph

There isn’t a huge amount of information out there about the Firefly Morph’s origin story. 

What is known is that breeding a Fire Ball Python Morph and Pastel Ball will likely get an equal number of normals, Fire Balls, Fireflies, and Pastels. 

There are also sources that suggest that the Firefly Morph was discovered in 2007. This means that it was found quite a bit later than its morph parents, the Pastel and Fire Ball Pythons, which have been around since the 1990s. 

Firefly Ball Python Morph Genetics 

The Firefly Ball Python is bred from the co-dominant genes of the Fire Ball and Pastel morphs. 

The Fire Ball morph is known as an enhancer and a cleaner when it is blended with other morphs. It’s a fairly basic gene that helps to lighten and brighten morph patterns, which in the Firefly’s case, makes for an incredible result.

Pastel Ball Morphs also contain a gene that adds more brightness to other morphs. This can easily be seen in the Bumblebee Ball Python and in the Firefly morph.

Because both of these co-dominant genes are used as brighteners, you can see why the Firefly morph achieves such an eye-popping yellow result.

The best part about this bold morph is that you can use the Firefly as a base template for some designer variations. You can work other genes into the mix to make some really bright and flashy combinations. 

Firefly Ball Python Morph Health and Longevity

Some morphs have a bit of a reputation for genetic anomalies. These issues can range from a little “head wobble” to more severe neurological dysfunctions

These issues include:

  • Kinking
  • Sub-fertility
  • Infertility
  • Bug eyes
  • Head wobbles

Luckily, the Firefly Ball Python Morph doesn’t feature in the lists of morphs that exhibit problems. 

In fact, the morph with the worst rap for its health is the Spider Ball Python. Although, this is under debate, thankfully, as it’s a truly stunning serpent. 

Since the Firefly doesn’t struggle with genetic problems, the major thing you need to focus on is the quality of the snake. 

A high-quality morph is visually intense, meaning that it has a good color and intensity for its breed. In the case of a Pastel Morph, that would mean avoiding the “browned out” variations. 

In the case of a Firefly, you’re looking for an intense and vibrant yellow with striking contrast. 

The good news is that the Firefly sticks with the usual ball python lifespan. You can enjoy your morph for up to 30 years – especially if you take your ball python care to the next level. 

How Much Do Firefly Ball Pythons Cost? 

 Are you looking for Firefly Ball Pythons for sale? Then, you’ll love this.

You can pick up this gorgeous designer morph for between $150 and $200. This makes it a really affordable option, especially as it’s a step up from a basic morph. 

The price does change depending on which breeder you use and the age and the quality of the snake. 

New snake owners should skip baby snakes and opt for a young adult. In that way, you don’t have to stress about the nitty-gritty of hatchling care

The great thing about choosing a young adult is that you’ll be able to choose the color variation and pattern from the start. 

The downside to a hatchling is that their colors change as they mature so you don’t know what the final result will be. 

This isn’t the case with the Firefly. As mentioned, its color gets far more intense as it ages. 

You can also get your hands on some truly spectacular designer morphs at great prices. You can purchase a Firefly Clown Ball Python or Banana Firefly Ball Python for under $300. 

Where to Buy Firefly Ball Python Morphs

Lucky for you, it’s relatively easy to buy these morphs. A quick Google search will bring you tons of page results about breeders and Firefly Ball Pythons for sale. 

But, it’s not always easy to sift through the rubbish. How can you guarantee that you get a high-quality snake?

Visiting breeders and asking them about the history and bloodline of their ball pythons is a good option. 

Not everyone has time to drive around and vet all these places. Let alone hold a Spanish Inquisition for each snake breeder. 

Thankfully, there are a number of websites that clear the “quality check”. You can find brilliant ball pythons on CB Reptile and Morph Market. 

CB Reptile is perfect for sourcing snakes from reputable breeders who only breed and sell captive-bred pythons.

This website also includes a health guarantee for their animals, ensuring you get your snake in the best condition. There’s nothing worse than receiving a snake that refuses to eat or passes away after a few days.

Firefly Ball Python Pictures

Take a look at these beautiful Firefly pictures. The snake is so bright and striking, you’ll be tempted to think these images are photoshopped! 

firefly ball python on a black background

Beautiful Firefly Ball Python morph. Check out the bright yellow contrasted wit hthe dark brown splotches.

three firefly ball python morphs

Three cute little BPs curled up next to each other.

cute firefly ball python on a log
stunning baby fire fly ball python

Other Ball Pythons Morphs

Did you enjoy finding out more about the Firefly? Then you’ll want to take a look at these epic morphs too. 

Firefly Ball Python: What’s Not to Like?

If you are trying your hand at breeding, the Firefly ball python morph is an awesome way to ensure you get some daring, in-your-face colors and variations. 

If you’re simply a ball python fan, you’ll want to add this gorgeous morph to your collection anyway. It’ll add some zest to your life and put a smile on your face.