Pastel Ball Python Morphs (10 Extraordinary Photos + Info)

Pastel Ball Python Morphs are an incredibly popular dominant morph.

They are fairly common among BP owners, and make for a popular and well-rounded pet.

The base “Pastel Ball Python Morph” isn’t that expensive, either; though they can get into the $1,000s of dollars depending on the rarity of the pastel morph.

When it comes to coloration, some may say the Pastel morph is a bit too basic.

It does look strikingly similar to a ‘normal’ ball python morph, but it has some standout differentiation features.

Discovery of the Pastel Ball Python Morph

When it comes to Ball Python Morphs, this one has been around for a while. It’s thought to have been discovered sometime in the mid 1990s (around 1995-1997).

Pastel Morph Genetics

Pastel Ball Pythons are a co-dominant morph.

This basically means that if you were to breed a Pastel morph with a different morph, you will get some new genetic morph that is a mix between the two.

Pastels are very popular among breeders for this very reason.

Specifically, breeders can use Pastel Ball Python Morphs to add more brightness (typically yellow) a different morph.

For example, breeding a Spider and a Pastel will get you the bright yellow Bumblebee morph.

How Much Do Pastel Ball Pythons Cost?

You can generally find a Pastel Ball Python Morph for sale at around $100-$150 dollars.

As mentioned, this price can get steep very fast. Some different Pastel variations can run upward of $500, $800, and even $1000+ dollars.

Where to Find A Pastel for Sale

There are many places you can find Pastels for sale. For the most part, you should be able to find them at your local pet store.

Also, most breeders have Pastel morphs in stock because they are popular and are great for trying to create new, bright colored morphs.

You should be able to find this morph at any given snake/reptile expo as well.

Lastly, you can buy them online. There are plenty of places that will ship you a Pastel Ball Python right to your door.

Here are some places you may be able to find various Pastel Ball Python Morphs for sale on the interwebs:

Pastel Ball Python Morph Pictures | u/Bebsen987

Look at how stunning those eyes are. That’s one of the best features about a Ball Python, or just pythons in general.

They tend to have beautiful eyes. In this case, Pastels usually have a yellowish color eye. | yu/ofhisloudways

The brightness of the yellow color will differ greatly across various Pastel Ball Pythons.

This one looks a little darker, but just wait until you see the next one! | u/Ant_Ender


This BP has a much brighter yellow tone to it.

When you see how yellow they can get, it makes sense as to why this co-dominant morph is so popular among breeders. | u/Hemides

This little fella is curled up in his owners hand.

Look how happy he looks – Ball Pythons make incredible pet snakes.

beautiful pastel ball python morph | u/bfraley9


Another example of how yellow Pastels can truly get. Look at how vibrant the tone is on this beautiful specimen.

~$100 really is a great deal for such an astounding looking BP morph. | u/fliptacos

This one has a bright yellow tone, too.

Although the eyes aren’t as yellow, this is still an incredibly beautiful snake. Ball Pythons tend to like the warmth of humans since they are cold blooded.

So, they basically ‘steal’ your warmth when wrapping around your hands!

baby little ball python that happens to be a pastel morph | u/michaeljt545

This is easily the most riveting Pastel Ball Python Morph picture in our gallery.

It’s a baby, too.

Often times baby Pastels will have a much softer, faded color. As they grow older, their scales become more shiny and defined.

pastel ball python morph at full maturity | u/mslprd

Just like we said.

Ball Pythons love the warmth of the human hand. We also like to think they’re affectionate creatures too…

pastel morph wrapped around it's owners hand | u/minimed_18

You can really tell the color change happening on this maturing Ball Python.

See how the head has a softer color to it, and the body is more shiny and defined?

Again, very typical as young neonate BPs grow into adults.

pastel ball python morph devouring a poor little feeder mouse | u/AmazingAnimalAdv-

Action shot.

This happened right after the above Ball Python constricted that poor little mouse.

Pythons are constricting-killers, meaning they will wrap their entire body around prey and suffocate it before swallowing it whole.

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