Mojave Ball Python Morphs (Facts + 8 Stunning Photos)

The Mojave Ball Python is a truly magnificent snake in more ways than one. Of course, it is extremely aesthetic and is a morph that comes in a wide variety of colors and flavors. 

It is also a fantastic gene that, while quite simple on its own, has infinite potential. Mixing Mojave with other morphs leads to unique, distinctive breeds that cannot be recreated using other snakes. It is also one of the genes that can be used to create the incredible Blue Eyed Lucy Ball Python. 

The Mojave morph is much brighter than a regular ball python and can have almost jet-black velvety scales, or a very light brown coloring.  While other morphs fade with age, the Mojave retains its coloring. They are a true example of polymorphism. Despite the variety, the Mojave morphs are not the most striking ball python morphs. 

However, any experienced breeder knows the importance of the Mojave gene. And first-timers will love its classic look. 

Check out everything you need to know about the Mojave Ball Python Morph. 

Where Does the Name ‘Mojave’ Come From? 

‘Mojave’ means ‘beside the water’ and is of Native American origin. Considering all ball pythons originate from Africa, it’s safe to assume that this morph doesn’t get its name from Mojave ancestry. 

It’s much more likely that the morph is named Mojave because of its patterning. There are similarities between the patterns of these morphs and the Native American Mojave pattern. 

You may be thinking that you don’t realize how a snake can look like a tapestry. But if you check the Mojave pattern out, you’ll see the comparison. 

Discovery of the Mojave Ball Python Morph

The Mojave gene is one of the original players on the morph market and goes back around twenty years. 

One of the very few morphs discovered and bred on the West coast is the Mojave. 

It was produced for the first time by the Snake Keeper, who acquired the original Mojave Ball Python from a local wholesaler of reptiles in 1999. It was then produced by Dan and Collete Sutherland of the Snake Keeper in 2000. 

The Super Mojave was first produced in 2004 by Morph King Reptiles. 

Mojave Ball Python Morph Genetics 

Mojave Morphs have been on the market for a better part of two decades and are extremely underrated because of their similarities to regular Ball Pythons. 

The best thing about the Mojave morph is the tons of impressive combos that it makes. It jumbles and mutates the patterns and colors of other breeds, often resulting in incredible looking snakes. 

The incomplete dominant gene is renowned by breeders for its capability of producing white scaled ball pythons, such as the Super Mojave and the BEL. The Super Mojave resembles a Blue Eyed Leucistic but often has a greyed out head and dark eyes.

Breeding a Mojave is so incredibly versatile which is why they are worth their weight in gold. 

Cross a Mojave with a Mystic or a Phantom and you get a beautiful smokey purple and grey snake. The Jigsaw, Mojave Bee, and the unparalleled Mohave GHI would not exist if not for this rather average looking snake. 

It is clear that there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to the Mojave Ball Python. It might not be the most striking snake out there, but it is certainly one of the most genetically valuable morphs. 

How Much Do Mojave Ball Pythons Cost? 

Despite being a very common morph lacking the striking visual aesthetics of other designer morphs, the Mojave can be pretty pricey. This is because their genetic value is unparalleled and breeders scramble to have Mojaves in their collection. 

In saying that, the price has come down in recent years – much like with most base morphs. Designer morphs are all the rage. 

You can pick up a Mojave for as little as $100, but you can also find really high-quality specimens for as much as $3000.  Depending on the breeder, the bloodline, the pattern and color variation, the price changes. 

However, you can rest assured that if you desperately want a Mojave, you can find them for really affordable prices. 

Where to Buy Mojave Ball Python Morphs

Finding a regular Mojave Ball Python Morph for sale is no easy feat. They’re pretty common but get scooped up quite quickly. And these days, it’s much more profitable for sellers to stock designer Mojave cross morphs. 

You’ll probably find one easily at a snake show, but your pet store might be a bit of a reach. 

As usual, it’s always easiest to buy a Mojave online. Yet, even on the online stores, you’re more likely to find breeds such as Banana Mojave, or Super Mojave, more prevalently. 

Check out XYZ Reptiles for high-quality captive-bred Mojave morphs and Mojave crosses. They work with reputable breeders and you’re bound to find the perfect snake for you.

Mojave Ball Python Pictures

Look at these amazing Mojave morph pictures. Here you can see examples of the variation and the classic beauty of each snake. 

See how some snakes are light brown, almost tan in color, while others are a deep chocolate brown.

Many have a striking broken line down the dorsal body and reduced alien heads, typical of Mojave morphs.

Some have an almost luminous yellow coloring. They are incredibly stunning snakes.

Stunning mojave ball python on a white background

Mojave Ball Pythons have a beautiful, nearly translucent brownish color to them. The fade from dark brown to light brown makes this morph incredibly unique.

mojave ball python morph on a black background

mojave morph of a ball python sitting on a scale

This cute little mojave morph looks to be sitting on a scale. Everyone needs to get weighed in, I guess. Likely making sure it’s a healthy weight for this Ball Python’s age.

Mojave ball python sitting in a human owners hand

Ball Pythons are typically very friendly. They like to be handled as they are drawn to the warmth of a human hand (since they’re cold blooded).

Mojave morphs make for an excellent pet snake for beginners and enthusiasts alike.

Other Ball Pythons Morphs

Are you intrigued by the colors, shapes, and flavors of other morphs? Maybe you’d like to check out some morphs to breed with the Mojave. Check out these incredible morphs that are popular combos with the Mojave morph. 

Getting Your Own Mojave Ball Python

Mojave Ball Python’s are incredible snakes. Not only are they stunning, with varying colors and jumbled patterns, but their breeding potential is the stuff of any snake enthusiast’s dreams. 

If you’re thinking about purchasing a Mojave, don’t sleep on it. They’re fantastic pet snakes and you’ll have a ball of time discovering its genetic treasures.