13 Incredible Hognose Snake Morphs (With Pictures)

Hognose Snakes are an excellent beginner pet snake, and they come in a variety of different colors and patterns. These different variations are commonly referred to as “morphs”.

To date, breeders have developed around 60 different Hognose Snake morphs.

So, how does one species have so many different color, pattern, and texture variation? The answer is that breeders have found by breeding different variations of the same species will yield unique patterns, colors, textures, etc.

With that in mind, if you’re considering a Hognose Snake as a pet snake, you’ll have a variety of options to choose from.

Additionally, different Hognose Snake morphs tend to range in price quite a bit. The good news is that you’ll have an option on the cheaper side (~$60). Or, if you want a more exotic Hognose Snake Morph, they can get rather expensive.

Some of the morphs can get to the hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

It can be really tough to breed the more rare morphs. Which is why they can get really pricey really quick.

In any case, we are going to cover some basic Hognose Snake FAQs in this post. Additionally, we will show you some really cool Hognose Snake morphs and how much they cost. Oh, and there will be pictures!

13 Really Cool Hognose Snake Morphs & How Much They Cost

Before jumping into the photos, here’s a list of the below morphs, and how much each costs.

Believe it or not, some Hognose Snake morphs can cost in the $1,000s of dollars. The cost of pet snakes can be rather high depending on the morph and species you choose to own.

Hognose MorphCost to Purchase
Normal Axanthic$60-$80
Snow Western$500+
Eastern Hognose$60-80
Super Arctic$1,000+
Anaconda Snow$500-$800
Red Albino$450-$500
Albino Anaconda$250-$375
Extreme Albino$400-$475

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Normal Axanthic Hognose Snake Morph

reddit.com u/KayakCaviar

This basic, Normal Axanthic Hognose Snake Morph is slithering up against it’s terrarium and a stump. His gaze is directed right toward the camera, and you can really see the detail in his pattern in the photo above.

While this is a common morph, it’s colors are just as stunning. The base color is gray, with dark brown/gray spots surrounded by off white circles stretching down the length of the snake.

Typical Normal Hognose Morphs tend to cost around $60-$80 dollars, depending on where you buy them.

Snow Western

Snow Western Hognose Snake Morph
reddit.com /kittyblanket

Look at thos red eyes. They are stunning, aren’t they? The Snow morph of a Hognose Snake is enchanting to say the least. This rather young specimen is showing off her beautiful colors on what looks like a warm blanket.

Snow morphs have a beautiful, faint pattern. Also, their colors are subtle, yet mesmerizing. It’s almost as if the ruby red eyes bring out the faded pink splotches and cream, skin-color white base of this particular Hognose Snake.

When it comes to cost, this morph can run up to $500. That’s a pretty penny for a rather pretty snake.

Coral Hognose Snake Morph

Coral Hognose Snake
reddit.com u/po1sonly

Look at this cute little guy wrapped around his mom’s fingers. This Hognose is even more juvenile than the Snow one pictured above.

Coral Hognose Snake Morphs are similar to the Snow color pattern above. The biggest difference is that the Coral morph has more bold and prominent features versus the snow.

It’s almost as if someone took a picture of a snow, and added a “vivid” filter to the image.

Nevertheless, Coral morphs are beautiful, and a rather popular morph when it comes to Hognose Snakes.

Lastly, this morph will cost anywhere from $350, and all the way up to $3,000 depending on what type of Coral morph you’re getting. This one is most likely for the enthusiasts rather than the beginner when it comes to choosing a morph to buy.

Eastern Hognose Snake

reddit.com u/ravendrone

This is another common Hognose morph, and you can frequently find them in the wild. Just look, this little fellow has his tail all coiled up and a fierce fire in his eyes.

How can one resist?

Wit ha leafy brown base and black spotted patterns, this morph screams one thing: I’m a snake that belongs in the woods or tall grass. If you think about it, the above pictured snake is a great color to blend in to natural wooded surroundings.

Common Eastern Hognose Snakes tend to be on the cheaper side when it comes to cost. Usually, you can pick one up for somewhere in the range of $60-80 dollars. Possibly somewhat cheaper if you opt to buy from a local breeder versus a big box pet store.

Albino Morph

Albino Hognose Snake Morph
reddit.com u/darth_green-eggs

Would you take a look at this brother-sister pair of Albino Hognose Snakes? They’re likely enjoying the warmth of their handlers hands, while getting a view of their surroundings.

It’s astounding how different “albino” looks across different species of snake. In this case, Hognose Snakes tend to have a yellowish tan base with orange splotches. Also, they boast beaming red eyes that stare straight into the soul of their owners. Only kidding… but, their eyes are a spectacle which makes them another popular Hognose Snake morph to own.

Cost wise, Albino morphs are on the less expensive side. Usually, you can find them for somewhere in the ballpark of $150 to $200 dollars, depending on the type. Snakesatsunset.com sells them if you’re interested.


reddit.com u/Docistop1

Western Hognose Snakes are another common morph that can me found in the wild in the Western region of North America. They are pretty basic, but still cute as can be.

Look how this gal has her tail coiled around her head. Come on, how adorable is that?

Like the Eastern Hognose Snake, this morph has more of a “wild” look to her. She has a tan-ish base, with brown swatches that grow smaller as the pattern extends to her tail.

Also, if you’re in the market for a less expensive snake, this is a good option for you. The tend to run about $60-80 dollars. Of course, that depends on where you buy them.

Anaconda Hognose Morph

Anaconda Hognose Snake Morph
reddit.com u/stef_floki

Now, we’re going to get into the more unique, and inherently more expensive Hognose Snake Morphs. This morph in particular has a much different pattern versus the others above.

Coincidentally, the Anaconda morph has a similar pattern as well, an Anaconda. The snake picture above has a tan base with a brilliant brown spotted pattern extending to his tail.

Anaconda morphs can range from $175 all the way up to $500 depending on the exact makeup and pattern.

Super Arctic Western

Super Arctic Hognose Snake Morph
reddit.com u/kittyblanket

Ah, at last. the Super Arctic Western Hognose Snake morph. This morph is easily our favorite because it’s so unique.

Personally, my favorite feature of this morph is the dark black eyes. They’re illuminating, aren’t they?

This morph has a cream white base with exceptional brown spots surrounded by black rings. The base color alone make this an incredibly unique morph.

Naturally, since the Super Arctic Hognose morph is so unique, it comes with a rather big price tag. The nicer specimens of this morph will typically cost you no less that a cool $1,000. That’s right, a grand for this baby. Are you that committed to the species and genetic makeup of this bad boy?

Anaconda Snow Hognose

reddit.com u/kittyblanket

Talk about another beautiful Hognose Snake morph. If the above Arctic morph didn’t make the list, this would easily be a writer’s favorite.

The above pictured Hognose Snake has an incredible, snow white color with no pattern at all. In fact, the pattern-less look of this morph exemplifies the features of the large and protruding scales this species has.

Lastly, you’ll probably notice the only thing that has color on this morph is her eyes. While spooky, they also emit a radiance that is hard to look away from.

Since it’s so rare, an Anaconda Snow morph will cost somewhere in the range of $500-$800.

Red Albino Anaconda

reddit.com u/Kasmirov96

The Red Albino Anaconda Morph is so extraordinary that it almost looks like it’s fake. This little fella is in the warm palm of his owners hands, likely enjoying the warmth from the human body.

First, it’s a baby, and the colors are likely to alter as it grows older. That said, it will keep the same general color scheme and patterns. This morph has a almost peachy-yellow base, with vibrant orange spots that turn more into bands down toward the tail.

To get one of these, you’ll have to have a pretty fat wallet. They typically run between $450-$500 dollars on average. Not quite as expensive as some, but expensive nonetheless.

Albino Anaconda Morph

reddit.com u/TarantulaLady

Similar to the last morph, this is a plain Albino Anaconda Hognose Snake. The biggest difference here is that the spots are smaller and the colors have a lighter hue.

In our opinion, there’s not much difference at all between the two… of course, some may have a different opinion on which is better.

Actually, the biggest difference seems to be price. Regular Albino Anaconda Honose Snake morphs come in at a few hundred dollars less compared to the “red” ones.

Typically, you’ll have to pay around $250-$375 for one of these morphs.

Toffeeconda Hognose Morph

reddit.com u/Yukine006

Who ever said Hognose Snakes don’t climb on tree? Well, apparently this little gal proved them wrong.

Meet the wild and crazy Toffeeconda Hogonose that apparently likes to climb on her little branch. This morph has a prominent, dark brown pattern blotted over a “toffee” color base.

While it doesn’t have any crazy orange or red colors, the Toffeeconda morph is quite beautiful.

Like many of the unique Hognose Morphs, this one will cost you a few hundred bucks as well. A common price for the Toffeeconda ranges between $350-$500 on average based on our research.

Bonus: Extreme Albino Red with a Hat!

Cute Hognose snake Extreme Albino Red with a little hat on
reddit.com u/Ninja_Spi-D-er

That’s right. This Hognose Snake is wearing a little baby hat, and it’s quite possible the cutest thing currently on the internet.

Not only does this snake have a cute hat on, it’s also a mesmerizing looking morph. This happens to be an Extreme Albino Hognose Snake Morph, and the colors really reflect the name.


It’s just like a regular Albino morph, but with way more intense color.

Usually, this morph costs around $400-$475. Hat is sold separately.

Hognose Snake Ownership FAQs

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6 thoughts on “13 Incredible Hognose Snake Morphs (With Pictures)”

  1. Western and Easterns are not morphs; they’re entirely separate species. Eastern Hognoses are Heterodon platirhinos and Western Hognoses are Heterodon nasicus. The “morph” shone under Western is the regular patterning and color you’d find in the wild, the Eastern morph is one of the many wild type patterns you will find on Easterns.

  2. Eastern is not a morph – it’s a different kind of hognose entirely!

  3. Hi! Allie aka @kittyblanket here!:D Snows are a bit up in value right now and are more like $500 – 800 depending on gender or additional pink tones. Super arctic males you’re pretty spot on with the price – baby males are a bit lower at $800-1200 range if not het for any other genes. Females are more because they’re more in demand. The only big mistake on your post is of the “snow anaconda”. This guys is actually a snow super conda and are waaaaaaay more than 500-800$. They’ll run you about $2500 deep so are definitely not a common pet. Thank you for crediting me and I’m glad you love super arctics as much as I do!!!

  4. Last WK my husband killed this kind of snake in our backyard. It was bright orange and then turned brown with spots. A trained individual told me it was a hognose snake. It was about 22″ long. He said apparently it had shed it’s skin. Wish I could post it’s picture here.

    • Please feel free to share photos if you come across anymore!

      Also, Hognose Snakes are not dangerous. They actually can help keep pests (bugs, rodents, etc.) away from your property. I’d say unless you find a nest of them, try and capture them and release them into a more wooded, rural area.

  5. I’m not sure when this was written but even normal westerns are at a much higher price range now days. I have been keeping my eye out, looking all across the U.S. and havent seen any males below $125, or females below $200, with the average less expensive range being about $300.


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