Snakes in Dreams. What Does it Mean? You’d Be Surprised.

Dreams. We all know what they are.

And most of us have them.

Most of the time, dreams depict scenarios which have a deeper meaning behind them.

There are endless amounts of dreams one can have, and a plethora of different explanations for them too

And, these meanings usually have an underlying theme associated with events in our lives.

Have you ever had a dream that involved snakes, and wondered what they symbolize?

Well, snakes in dreams are more common than you think. There are many different scenarios that can mean many different things.

For example, a lot of people report dreaming about rattlesnakes, different colored snakes, and even eating snakes.

If you’re here, lets assume you had a dream about snakes. So, read on because this article will help you understand the different meanings of snakes in dreams.

General Interpretation of Snakes in Dreams

Usually, snakes in your dreams indicate change or fright. It means that you might be afraid or frightful of things in your actual life.

Or, it might be a warning that you are going to experience some changes in your future life.

Some common symbolism of snakes in dreams are- changes, fear, evil, and knowledge.

You need to find your own personal meaning among the usual scrutiny, as dreams can mean different things for different people.

Here are some ways by which you can find out what seeing snakes in your dreams mean. Analyze your dream and think about your attitude and notions while dreaming, who was in the dream, and what was the snake doing.

Different Possible Meanings

It can either symbolize negative or positive change. Some common meanings and reasons for snakes appearing in your dreams are:

  • Fear. It might be a fear of commitment, hard situations, or some people in your life. Dreaming about snakes could mean that it is time to accept and deal with your fears.
  • Growth and change. This means that your life is going to experience some changes, renewal, or growth. If you feel constant anger, snakes in your dreams mean you’re growing accustomed to these feelings.
  • Anxiety. This represents that things that cause sadness, anger, or stress and happens when your feelings are not in order.
  • Knowledge. In some cultures, it represents knowledge and wisdom. It might mean that you are trying to find answers or seek knowledge. 
  • Progress. People in ancient times believed that snakes symbolize transformation and progress. In fact, snakes commonly symbolize wealth and progress in Ancient Egypt. Dreaming about snakes can indicate that one is healing and moving ahead in life.
  • Warning or caution. There exist two types of warning which the snake in your dream might indicate. First is that you should not believe or trust people blindly in your life. Second is that you are cheating yourself by ignoring or not acknowledging the truth.
  • Spiritual. This would indicate that your inner energy awakening and escaping your whole body. It rises from the spine and reaches the head in a spiral fashion. Hence, snakes bring along with them spiritual growth.

Snakes in dreams interpretation are different in different religions as well as cultures. Two of them are as follows:

What Do Snakes mean in Dream Through a Biblical Lens?

The bible mostly depicts snakes as hostile and bitter animals.

snakes in dreams and what they mean from the bible

So from this lens, seeing them in dreams is a bad thing.

This is because of the tale from the Bible about Satan manipulating Adam as well as Eve. Snakes mostly symbolize temptation from the devil from a biblical standpoint.

Adam and Eve were seduced by a snake in Genesis 3,

The two were coaxed into eating the forbidden apple. Thus, they were forbidden to ever be in the Garden of Eden ever again.

The picture of the Virgin Mary keeping her toe on the snake’s head is very popular and a famous symbol meaning that she has conquered and overcome her desires.

Due to this, in most cultures snake has been symbolizing evil and lure.

In modern times, we also have started believing that snakes are creatures who should not be trusted. Though, snakes do not have only negative symbolism. In fact, there are many positive connotations of snakes in our lives.

Different Possible Meanings

Getting bit by a snake would symbolize deception and reveal your secrets which were previously hidden deep inside.

This might indicate that snakes are freezing your peace, kindness, calmness, free mind, happiness, and pleasure. It implies that the snake is your foe and it uses ploy, deceit, ruse, and tricks.

The pathway of a snake leading your dreams is the dishonest strategy of foes in the Bible. The biblical explanation of snakes in your dreams points to someone who can be trusted in your life.

The snake gives positive as well as negative characteristics in the bible. If you dream of a snake shedding it’s skin, that could be depicted as renewal.

Further, serpents can portray betrayal. You have to trust and listen to yourself when it is related to relationships.

It can also indicate that you are having a spiritual competition and that you are competing with the dark forces.

Hinduism Explanations

Seeing snakes in dreams in Hinduism tend to mean that you are feeling intimidated by a bad foe in your life.

It also acts as a caution against violent or forceful harm.

Additionally, seeing many snakes in your dream is a forewarning of bad luck. It may also symbolize that you are striving to subdue your emotions and feelings. Killing the snake in your dreams means that you have overcome the foe and won.

Hinduism depicts snakes in dreams in many different ways. Here are some examples:

  • As claimed by Swami Shivanand, dreaming about snakes implies that you have cunning and treacherous foes who are going to harm you. According to him, these dreams are negative — and the snakes represent treachery and evil.
  • According to Swapna Shastra, dreaming about snakes is observed as good and ordinary for a lot of people. There are two types of dreams which are particularly stated in this book. First is of the snake nibbling at the dreamer. This is a positive symbolization which means that you are getting cured of a disease. The second is the dreamer eating the snake. This means that the person will soon be endowed with children or material wealth.
  • Catching snakes in dreams means that you have defeated your foes.
  • If a snake falls on you it is a premonition of illness and stress.
  • A snake climbing a tree or crossing your path is considered to be lucky.
  • Snakes emerging from the water have a cleansing meaning. 
  • Strangely, being bitten by a snake is considered lucky.
  • On the other hand, killing a snake is considered unlucky.
  • Snakes coming out of the body would suggest that that body part is going to experience physical problems soon.
  • Seeing snakes inside a water body symbolizes purity. Especially in Swapna Shastra, these dreams only symbolize positivity.

Now that we’ve covered the meaning of snakes in dreams from a religious perspective, here are some other scenarios:

Colorful Snakes in Dreams

Colorful snakes in dreams indicate that you are going to encounter lively energies in the future. But, different color snakes can also mean different things.

The different colors are associated with your different emotions, brighter being desires and darker being depressive. 

Multicolored snakes often imply that you are having mixed feelings in your life. The reasons for having various, multi-colored serpent dreams are as follows:

Possible Meanings:

  • You might be struggling with a new circumstance in life which makes you worried. It is a signal of change or renewal. 
  • The second reason might be that you are afraid of some person or situation and the dream is suggesting that you need to overcome your fears. 
  • The third reason could be that you are encountering a lot of emotion at the same time. Some of the emotions may include: joy, anger, stress, sorrow, and excitement.
  • The fourth reason might be that you are suppressing your passion and you feel that you might not be in charge of your passion runs wild. 
  • If you dream about getting bitten by the colorful snake in your dream, that signals future wealth. Further, this new wealth will come from somewhere unexpected.
  • Being bit by a rainbow-colored snake in your dreams suggests that you have lost contact with nature.

Green Snakes in Dreams

Seeing green snakes in your dreams means that you need to control and focus your energies.

green snake in dreams

Green symbolizes hope, good stirs, and spring. This indicates the fore-coming of joy, wealth, success, happiness, and good luck towards your way.

It is also associated with new life. 

Overall, seeing green snakes in your dreams are a good thing.

They mainly symbolize you have an abundance of good energy, and you need to focus it on the right things.

Seeing green snakes in your dream symbolizes respect and also calm and uncomplicated life.

It generally has a positive meaning yet it also mentions incomplete and ripe feelings.

Have you ever been in such a good mood that it scares you? Or you don’t know what to do with your good feelings?

Green snakes in dreams tend to represent these feelings.

Green snakes are excellent climbers as well as harmless, this information is essential for interpretation. Jung, a popular psychologist, trusts that they are connected to your nervous system and your subconscious energy inside. 

Getting attacked by a green snake in your dream is a different story. It means that you are not able to cope up and deal with your unconscious mind.

Although everything may seem fine, there could be other things troubling you in your life.

These dreams are equivalent to some spiritual tornado in life.

Here are some other common interpretations of dreams that have green serpents in them:

  • If you dream that the green snake is split in half, that symbolizes you may be too trusting toward people with bad intentions.
  • Dead green snake nibbling at you means that you are going to make contact and attach with new people soon.
  • If you dream about green snakes in sand or grass, it could mean someone is trying to harm you mentally or physically.
  • Green snakes covering your body represents leadership flair. poisonous green snake means you need to look out for incomplete feelings.
  • If you dream about a baby green serpent, that symbolizes you need to manage your money better. 

Red Snakes in Dreams

Red snakes in dreams symbolize that you have a concealed risk or danger in your life.

red snake in dreams

It means that there is going to be risk ahead, but it will also come with wealth and prosperity. In ancient times, it was believed that red snakes are associated with happiness and joy. The red color is often associated with passion or danger. 

Red snakes are connected to internal self-belief that you can generate situations that are recognized as negative into something positive. Red snake dream specifies that there is a hidden foe or circumstance which may cause a small threat.

Other possible interpretations of dreams containing red serpents:

  • Being followed by a red snake indicates that you scared of something that could be good for you.
  • Dreaming about killing a red snake symbolizes that you will encounter a fiery event in the future. The danger in the dream goes away as you kill that threat. 
  • The red snake pouncing on you indicates that people will turn towards you for counseling. 
  • A red snake discarding its skin is connected to a new lifestyle. 
  • A red snake brawling with other animals is connected to pleasure. 
  • If you dream about getting turned into a red snake or someone else turning into one, then that means that people are not truthful. 
  • Dreaming about the red snake in water means that you are going to be challenged emotionally by someone, it indicates that someone in your life is envious of you. 
  • Seeing a lot of red snakes would mean that you will face a foe who is feeble. 
  • Dreaming about a red snake killing you would suggest that you are struggling with life.
  • On the other hand, killing a red snake would indicate that you should follow pleasure and passion you feel within yourself.

What it Means When You Dream of Killing Serpents

Killing snakes in dreams generally means that you are doubting, fearing, or dealing with betrayal.

It can also mean some people are deceiving you behind your back.

The color as well as the circumstances you see in your dreams are essential to interpret the exact meaning of the dream.

Possible Meanings

  • Killing snakes with a knife in your dream symbolizes that you are overcoming your fears. It may also be treated as a sign of recovery and that you will gain peace soon. 
  • If you see someone else killing the snake with a knife, then that suggests that you neglect signals that lead to inner peace.
  • Killing snakes with a shovel is very indelicate and indicates that you should not be naïve while handling sly people. 
  • If you dream of killing a lot of snakes with shovel, that suggests that you have many foes but you cannot get free of them. 
  • Killing a black snake in your dream would mean that you will reach a very hard circumstance in your life.
  • Killing snakes by walking over them would suggest that you can change your destiny. 

Overall, killing snakes in dreams means you are suppressing some painful feelings or expecting changes in life.

It can also mean that you have overcome the hurdles in your life and are confident enough to move forward.

Dreams About Rattlesnakes

  • If you dream about being bit by a rattlesnake, it indicates emotions about neglecting your feelings of remorse for ignoring a threat or warning. 
  • Dreaming about only the tail of the rattlesnake without its body indicates fake warnings and threats without any substance.
  • If the rattlesnake in your dream was covering your body, it indicates that you might be diseased with something. 
  • If you dream about a rattlesnake hissing or pouncing, then that indicates betrayal and cheating. 
  • Rattlesnake coiling around on stone means that you will make a profit in your life. 
  • Many rattlesnakes making noise means unforeseen spending. 
  • If you squash the rattlesnake in your dream, then it is a positive signal that all your difficulties will vanish.
  • Killing a rattlesnake would mean that you will soon gain things that you had lost hope for. 

If you do not see the rattlesnake, but hear its sound, then it would signify that you will get a second chance to correct wrongdoing from your past. This kind of dream is connected to health problems, financial difficulties, job opportunities, or problems with your partner.

Some common feelings associated with rattlesnake dreams are anxious, frightful, nervous, scared, or sick.

Rattlesnakes are very special species of snakes known for their rattling tails.

These rattling defense mechanisms symbolize threat or warning in dreams, as they utilize the tail and sound to deflect foes for protection.

Bitten by Snakes While Dreaming

Being bitten by a snake in your dream is usually not a good sign.

You may feel harshness from difficulties in life.

To understand the meaning of the dream you need to acknowledge the circumstances and your emotions at that time. 

Snake bitten dream usually indicate a pattern in your life.

Has something been a recurring negative theme for you lately?

If you dream about bitten by snakes in dreams, then it can mean any of the following: fright and passion, warning, temptation, or immense influence in life.

A snakebite symbolizes a quick and immediate burst of emotions. It is also associated with our inner courtesy and remission. Spiritually, a snakebite usually harms or hurts your soul. The venom because of the snakebite represents not pardoning others. 

You will generally experience these dreams when you are facing any problems or difficulties in life. Specifically, if you aren’t able to overcome the circumstances.

If this sounds like you, here’s what you can do.

You should try to be calm and at tranquility with yourself. This kind of dream is treated as a tip-off to start taking charge of your life for a fit life.

If a snake only shows its fangs, it would then indicate that people will make their significance well known to you. It means that you need to reach a decision soon as well. It also suggests that you will meet someone new who may fake their personality to you. 

Other Possible Meanings

  • Seeing a snake in grass jumping on you and biting you in the dream indicates that you will hear an upsetting, frustrating, depressing, or regretting revelation. 
  • Getting devoured by the snake would indicate that you need to review your negative thinking. Try to be more present.
  • If you dream of snake covering your body, a it would suggest that you are trapped in some situation which is generally related to love affairs. 
  • Getting bit by a snake suddenly means that you have distressed a lot of people surrounding you.
  • If you feed a snake and it bites you, in the dream it would suggest that you need to refresh yourself by being more creative.

Dead Snakes in Dreams

Seeing dead snakes in dreams is generally a positive signal. It indicates that you will escape near-death situations in the future and will be out of any kind of danger.

It could also mean that you have conquered your foe and gained victory over him. Dead snake portrays rebirth. It means that something new is going to happen in your life. 

Seeing a dead snake in your dreams symbolizes that you have the skills and passion so that you can move ahead and strive in life. Dead snake suggests that whatever fear or trouble you might be fighting in life can be overcome. 

Other Possible Meanings

  • If you dream of dead snake afloat on water, then it indicates that some people will give you good advice to move forward in life. But, seeing a dead snake in your bathtub suggest that you may feel warned at times mostly in association with your friends or career. 
  • Dreaming about a snake split into two parts would mean that you will run into a virtuous fortune. 
  • Seeing many dead snakes suggest that your family life will be happy. 
  • To be first pursued by the snake and then the snake dying indicates that you will get unforeseen presents from strangers. 
  • A headless snake that is dead represents difficult circumstances in life which will ultimately result in a positive outcome. 

Dreaming of Venomous Serpents

Venomous snakes represent negative or toxic male behavior which has long-lasting negative repercussions.

Take this specific dream as a warning and change your actions and refrain particular actions from some people generally men.

An angry venomous snake can be associated with your problems and lack of anger control.

When a poisonous snake causes pain or attacks you, then it might be related to your nightmares. If a poisonous snake bites you in dreams, then it suggests that you have suffered a trauma.

If you are bitten, then it is a warning that some external forces are against you. 

Helping someone who has been bitten by the venomous snake suggests that you have a friendly and learned personality.

venomous snake in your dreams. what does it mean?

The dream might be connected with some of these scenarios in life:

Getting ignored or being threatened by somebody or relationship worries.

Some emotions you might have felt during a dream with a venomous serpent are fright, stress, concern, panic, and shock. 

Eating Snakes in Dreams

This kind of dream has different interpretations which are different and vary.

If you see yourself eating the snake’s head in the dream, then it would indicate that you will soon have a significant life revelation.

Eating a snake head in your dream symbolizes that you will gain brand new wisdom, facts, and knowledge which was previously unknown to you. 

If you eat the snake meat in your dream, then that suggests that you will be more energetic, find success, and implement the most impudent project successfully as well.

It may also indicate that you will be able to communicate efficiently with someone you cannot connect with.

Are You Cooking then Eating Serpents in Your Dreams?

The way the snake is cooked in the dream is a very important factor to consider and some examples are as follows:

  • If the meat was roasted then it symbolizes grief, sadness, irritation, and annoyance. 
  • Boiled meat would represent that you are going to encounter unhappiness, unease, depression, and melancholy soon. 
  • If it was baked and was half-raw then it would symbolize that road to reach your goals is going to be a tough one full of hurdles and difficulties. 
  • If the snake is used to make a soup, it would symbolize that there will be guests and people who are going to the trouble, disturb and distress you. 
  • Artificially cooked snake meat with spices would mean that there is vision and hope ahead, which is full of success and wealth. 
  • Dried snake meat would indicate that you are going to get influenced by evil or bad ways by others. 
  • Eating snake, which you have fried all by yourself will mean that you are independent and will seek ways out of some difficult and tough circumstances all on your own. 

Eating a venomous snake in your dreams means that someone close to you is soon going to fail and betray you.

Disliking the snake meat symbolizes the breakdown or decline of your health and worsening of your disease.

If in your dream you have conquered, killed, and then ate the meat of the snake means that you are going to defeat your enemies and be triumphant.

Lastly, the larger the snake the more will be your remarkable victory over your enemy. 

At the End of the Day, What Does It Mean?

Even though dreaming about a snake seems negative, depending upon the circumstances in your dream, it might suggest that you will soon get good fortune and luck.

Dreams are always connected to reality. Thus, liking or disliking snakes and your living circumstances greatly affect the scenarios when you dream about snakes.

It is essential to know about the interpretation of snakes in dreams under various circumstances as they are one of the most commonly seen animals in dreams and delaying in this interpretation could lead to ignorance of a forewarning.

How To Interpret Them

To interpret the exact and accurate meaning of the dream one should clearly remember all the minute details.

The color of the snake, number of the snakes present, its length, what it was doing, what you were doing, presence of other people, location of the snake, your location, your attitude and emotions during the dream and many other factors are there which represent and influence the interpretation of the dream you see.

Further, different cultures and religions also influence the interpretation as everyone has their own theories about the symbolism of snakes in dreams. 

To get to know about the exact meaning you should contact and take counseling from a dream specialist or psychologist.

Some general negative symbolic indications of seeing a snake in dreams are- fear, threat, subconscious anxiety, suppressing desires and passion, and presence of foes.

On the other hand, some positive symbolic indications are: wisdom, knowledge, growth, overcoming obstacles, and foes in life and an outburst of passion. 

Some famous dream psychologists who are popular for their theories and interpretation of the presence of snakes in dreams are Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud.

Many of these dreams are a response to some past or present events by your subconscious mind.

Any troublesome or haunting memories like of childhood may get represented in your dreams as snakes. To stop such dreams you will need to start writing your thoughts down or approach a professional psychologist for help otherwise these memories will always trouble you through dreams. 

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