25 Cute Snakes You Have to See (With Pictures)

Cute Snakes? What are we, crazy?

Well, sort of. Crazy for cute snakes, at least.

Contrary to popular belief, snakes can actually be cute. And we have the proof to show it.

There’s a new internet sensation going around, particularly on Reddit, that is all about the cuteness of snakes. Adorable snakes are now often called “Nope Ropes” or “Danger Noodles”. Which are both absolutely amazing alternative names for adorable snakes.

Well, we are jumping on the band wagon and want to bring you the cutest danger noodles and most precious nope ropes out there.

Below you’ll find some of the cutest darn pictures of snakes we could find around the internet. Plus, there’s snakes with hats, cute snakes of all different species, and even some fun gifs.

If you have notions that snakes cannot be cute, hopefully this post will prove you wrong.

Danger noodles are cute, and we have the proof.

See for your self!

Cute Pet Hognose Snakes

Hognose snakes are naturally one of the cutest danger noodles out there. Both eastern and western Hognose Snakes have an upturned snout that helps them burrow.

This little upturned snout also helps them be one of the cutest little snakes out there.

These little guys make such great cute pet snakes if you’re considering owing one. Not only are they easy to maintain, hognose snakes don’t require a large snake enclosure either! A 10 gallon terrarium should do just fine.

Plus, they have a perfect little flat head to place little hats on them!


Bacon Bit.

What a great name for the cutest little Hognose snake.

This little guy has got a shiny face that screams give me some pets. Something about Hognose snakes just make you all warm and fuzzy inside for some reason.

Cute Hognose Snake with top hat on

Who knew snakes could wear little top hats?

Hognose Snakes have the perfect flat shaped heads to fit little tiny hats.

Do you even need another reason to buy a cute pet Hognose Snake after seeing this picture?

Plus, this little guy has a nice orange color and an adorable little orange face with nice orange eyes.


Watch out!

A Hognose Snake Train is coming your way. Look at this little guy scooting up toward you.

How can you not want to snuggle up with this little guy?

Just another reason why Hognose Snakes are super cute. Just look at the way he slithers up the crevice of that couch.

Cute Ball Pythons

Ball Pythons are one of the most common, cutest pet snakes. They are native to Sub-Saharan Africa, and can come in a lot of different colors and patters.

These different colors and patterns are commonly referred to as “morphs”.

Consequently, there are a ton of cute little Ball Pythons out there in the world.

Below, you’ll find the cutest pictures of Ball Pythons we could curate from the internet.

Cute Ball Python with jack-o-lantern pattern

Look at this adorable little fellow. She is a very unique kind of Ball Python morph, and is seriously the best.

Also, if you look closely, you can see little pumpkin jack-o-lanterns in this Ball Python’s patterns.

This pattern is a result of breeding different “morphs” of Ball Pythons together.

In this case, this morph turned out to have cute little pumpkin patterns on it!

Don’t you just want to pinch it’s cheeks?

Wait, do snakes even have cheeks…?

cute sleeping snake


This thick little fella is peaking at you from his coiled up sleepy stance.

Snakes actually do sleep, and it looks like this little guy is curled up for a comfy nap.

Although it may not look like he’s snoozing, there’s a huge possibility that he is.

Snakes actually don’t have eyelids. Therefore, they essentially sleep with their eyes open.

Creepy, we know. But come on, just look how cute this thick boi is!

Be sure not to wake him up…

cute ball python with a little knitted hat on

First, a Hognose Snake wearing a top hat.

Now, a Ball Python wearing a knitted little homemade hat.

How lovable!

This endearing Ball Python is all curled up and posing for the camera. Plus, it’s unique morph makes it all the more enchanting.

Who knew snakes were ready to make a fashion statement with little tiny hats.

We aren’t complaining, though.

Cute snakes with little hats are such a great thing!

Mesmerizing blue eyed ball python in front of orchids

In this case, this snake is more beautiful than cute in our opinion.

Just look at this Ball Python’s mesmerizing blue eyes.


Who knew Ball Pythons could look so mysterious and incredidble?

Not to mention, this gal is posing in front of some similarly colored orchids. That just adds to the overall beauty of this amazing looking Ball Python.

cute sleeping white ball python

Another lovely Ball Python curled up for nap time in the palm of it’s owners hands.

Be careful not to wake her up, Ball Python bites can be somewhat painful!

Yes, please. Show me more!

amazingly beautiful ball python coiled up on owners hand

You guessed it.

This ball Python looks awake, and she’s just enjoying the warmth of it’s owners hand.

Snakes tend to enjoy curling up on humans, because they like how warm our bodies are.

Also, just look at the cute gaze of this Ball Python!

How can you resist going, “Awww” when seeing this cute little snake?

Cute Corn Snakes

cute corn snake with forked tongue out

This scrumptious Corn Snake is giving you a sniff down.

In case you didn’t know, snakes smell with their tongues.

She’s got a cute forked tongue, and adorable little face, and is ready to snuggle up!

incredible looking orange corn snake

This precious, magificently colored orange Corn Snake is also curious about what smells so great.

Maybe she’s about to get fed, and smells a yummy mouse?

Who knows.

All we know is that this gal is curled up in a cute stance and makes for one heck of a lovely snake.

stunningly gorgeous corn snake wrapped around owners hand

How can one not think this Corn Snake is as cute as can be?

Just look at those spectacular patterns. Bright orange splotches, beautiful beaming eyes… It’s all too charming.

Also, just look at the way he is wrapped around his owners hands.

They love warmth.

To be honest, even those who are deathly terrified of snakes would probably be eased into hold this cute little slithery pal.

cute snake in home made knitted purple sweater

Speaking of loving warmth, how amazing is this Corn Snake?

Not all warmth has to come from human touch. In this photo, we are looking at all time snake cuteness.

Who would have thought that snakes would be huge fans of home made knitted sweaters?

Just look how much she loves her purple noodle outfit!

She looks so happy, and so irresistibly cute in this photo.

The Cutest Tiny Baby Snakes

adorable looking snake in owners hands

This little gal has some beautiful coloration.

We believe this to be a young Milk Snake or King Snake morph.

Either way, just look how stunning it’s patterns and color palate are!

cute tiny little black snake in the palm of someone's hand

Just wow. How cute is this adorable tiny nope rope?

It’s nearly the size of a quarter when it’s all coiled up.

This cute little black snake is probably just weeks, if not days old and is enjoying a nice little ride on a giant human hand.

Purely irresistible!

cute ring neck snake on the sidewalk

Speaking of cute little black snakes, this ring neck must have just hatched out of it’s egg.

It’s basically microscopic and has an undeniable adorableness factor.

We’re just glad the human walking down the side walk spotted him, so he didn’t get smushed by someone walking by.

cute green snake

This delectable green snake has darting eyes and an enchanting green color.

Although his facial expression is a bit scary, he’s still a small, cute snake that deserves to be on this list.

How often do you get to see such a cute little green snake?

10/10 cuteness right here.

cute ring neck snake gray

What’s up with cute tiny baby snakes in the palm of people’s hands?

On second thought, who cares?

Just be in awe of the cuteness of this little gray snake curled up in someone’s palm.

At first glance, this looks to be a baby gray ring neck snake. Comment below of you think it’s something different.

super tiny snake in someone's hand

This is the smallest of the small cute snakes we could find.

It looks to be only about 3-5 inches long, and is shiny and spectacular.

Also, it looks sort of terrified.

Just look at the way she is glancing up at the giant who is holding her!

fierce danger noodle with mouth open


Who knew a snake bite attack could look this delightful.

It seems to be a baby Garter Snake that someone came across in their yard.

We are just glad it didn’t get stepped on! Although vicious looking, a bite from this little fellow wouldn’t hurt at all.

In fact, it would just add to the cuteness of this little guy (in our opinion at least).

Cute Danger Noodles

Although the snakes, or in this case pure Danger Noodles you’re about to look at are cute, they are highly venomous.

Avoid touching and petting at all costs.

But, you can look and adore and admire them as much as you want. Because, let’s face it.

These snakes, like all the ones pictured above, are absolutely adorable!

Just don’t touchy the below danger noodles.

cute cobra

Look at this nope rope flaring up his cute neck and head.

Want to go in for a snoot boop?

Think again. This little danger noodle is extremely venomous. It’s best to observe the cuteness from far, far away.

Also, baby snakes are 10x more dangerous than full grown ones because they cannot control the amount of venom they inject.

Consequently, baby snakes end up injecting way more venom than adult snakes.

So again, observe from a distance!

cute cobra protecting orange snack

He Protec.

He Attac.

He guard his orange snac.

This deceivingly cute Cobra is adorably guarding his prized orange. But, don’t be fooled.

One bite from this danger noodle could result in a very unpleasant time and could possibly even result in death.

tiny cute venomous snake next to a penny for scale

This little baby snake has a fierce look and a beautiful pattern.

See the penny? That exemplifies just how small this baby nope rope is.

Be wary of it’s deceiving cuteness.

You may want to pick him up, but avoid doing that at all costs!

cute african bush viper wrapped around branch

This African Bush Viper is possibly the most enchanting, striking danger noodle on this entire list of cute snakes.

He’s preposterously unique looking and adorably tiny.

He’s also incredibly venomous and dangerous.

But just look at the way he’s coiled around that branch! How charming can a little danger noodle be?

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  7. I wish you gave better identifications and some background info on each of these lovely critters, but the photos are excellent and it was a fun–if uninformative–read.

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  9. My baby garter passed away yesterday, these made me smile, thank you. They are truly wonderful little creatures that deserve all the yummy food and cuddles.

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  11. I have 5 little ball pythons 😀 all of these pictures are adorable and for the species your not sure of, let me help you.
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    The grey ring neck snake is actually a decays brown snake.
    And the little feisty noodle is indeed a garter snake 🙂🐍

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