13 Incredible Green Tree Python Morphs and Localities

When to comes to Green Tree Python morphs, there are several stunning different variations.

In fact, they aren’t even technically ‘morphs’. Rather, they are “localities”. The different Green Tree Python Localities depend on where they are found in the wild. Unlike Corn Snakes and Hognose Snakes, Green Tree Python Morphs cannot be created the same way by cross-breeding different varities.

However, there are some really beautiful Green Tree Python Morphs (or ‘localities’) that we want to show you!

Below, you’ll find some incredible photos of this spectacular species. They make great pets, but be warned, this is definitely a species for a more advanced ownership level.

If you’re a first time owner, we recommend checking one of these best pet snakes for beginners.

Along with photos and our oh-so excellent commentary, we’ll also give you an idea of the price range for each different Green Tree Python locality. This species is one of the more expensive ones to own, so brace yourselves.

7 Mesmerizing Green Tree Python Morphs and Localities:

High Blue Green Tree Python Morph

High Blue Green Tree Python Morph
reddit.com | u/nihsnamorz

This is an absolutely stunning Green Tree Python Morph. It’s called a High Blue, even though the blue color isn’t readily apparent. For the most part, Green Tree Pythons either have a green base or a yellow base (like the one pictured above).

The blue is more subtle in this yellow High Blue version, but it’s definitely there if you look close enough.

One of my favorite parts about a Green Tree Python are it’s “sharp” edges. Their back has almost a point that runs from the back of this species’ head all the way down to the tail.

I imagine this little fella is just past being a neonate — which essentially means he’s not a baby snake anymore.

The reason you can tell is, well, neonate Green Tree Pythons usually have a creepy, dark blood red color that turns into either green or yellow.

As for cost, the High Blue Green Tree Python can run upwards of $1,000+ dollars. That’s pricey!

Speaking of neonates…

Neonate Green Tree Python

Neonate Green Tree Python
reddit.com | u/FeatheryFiend

Whoa… thought Green Tree Pythons were always green, or yellow?

Well think again. Most, if not all Green Tree Pythons look like this when they are young. They have a particularly scary looking blood red color. Oh, and they also have particularly scary blood red eyes.

But, to a snake lover (like me), this little gal look mesmerizing. Just look at the yellow spots that dot it’s reddish-brown base color.

It’s almost a shame that they turn a different color. At least these neonate Green Tree Pythons turn into something really cool looking.

In general, a Green Tree python can range from around $280 all the way up into the $1,000s of dollars depending on the locality and morph.

Blue Green Tree Python Morph (Jayapura Locality)

Blue-Green Tree Python  morph Jayapura Locality
reddit.com | u/FeatheryFiend

Look at this specimen. Green Tree Pythons are normally either yellow or green, with sometimes a hint of blue.

This fella has an incredibly noticable blue hue, and doesn’t have much of a pattern at all. Definitely a unique Green Tree Python morph.

The blue color of the python pictured above is a trait of the Jayapura Green Tree Python locality. Jayapura is located on the island of Papua, and is shared with the country Papua New Guinea.

Jayapura Green Tree Pythons typically have solid blue/green scales with no patterns. There is one other locality that has hints of blue: the Manokwari Green Tree Python.

As for blue snakes, there aren’t that many species out there. The only other one that comes top of mind is a Blue Racer Snake, which generally is a horrible pet to own.

Another thing to note about this Green Tree Python is that it’s huge! These tend to get on the larger side as it is, but this one is definitely bigger than the average Green Tree Python.

Biak/Lereh Green Tree Python Locality

Biak/Lereh Green Tree Python Locality
Reddit.com | u/josiahpayne

Biak and Lereh are different islands that are located in the South Pacific, specifically Indonesia. In fact, all Green Tree Pythons come from various islands in this region. More on that below.

In any case, this Green Tree Python is a cross breed between the Lereh and Biak Green Tree Python localities.

Green Tree Pythons from this locality tend to be vibrant and yellow with brilliant black/brown/white markings that extend sporadically from head to tail.

This locality truly emphasizes how unique and amazing this species of python can be.

Also, their eyes are a bright yellow, too. Not many snake species have vibrant eye colors, but the Green Tree Python sure does. Especially those from the Biak and Lereh Islands.

Lastly, Biak and Lereh Green Tree Python Localities tend to be the only ones who have a stand-out yellow color. All the others are either blue or blue-green.

This locality can run anywhere between $400-$800 depending on the uniqueness of it’s pattern and color.

Australian Green Tree Python

Australian Green Tree Pythons are the most common locality, and hold most true to their name — because they are almost always a vibrant green color.

Another standout characteristic of the Australian Green Tree Python are bright, yellowish eyes. Sometimes, it feels like they are staring into your soul.

As for patterns, it will vary greatly depending on the snake you get from the Australian region. The snake pictured above has a few off-color scales, which is common.

Sometimes, Australian localities will have while lines or splotches running down their spine as well.

Typically, these are the least expensive localities because of how common they are. Sometimes, they will be a tad more pricey if the specific snake has and remarkable patterns or colors.

Juvenile Biak Locality

reddit.com | u/MasterOfKeif

Simply could not resist showing this fella off. The above pictured python is a neonate Biak, and will eventually turn into a vibrant yellow color.

Oh, and she happens to be chowing down on a Pinkie.

Green Tree Pythons have and spectacular hunting method. As you can see, the snake pictured above is wrapped around a tree branch.

This is how they hunt.

Green Tree Pythons will stay wrapped around a branch close to the ground, sitting deadly still. They wait until prey happens to walk across their path, and strike down on the unsuspecting meal in a blink of an eye.

It’s hard to believe these brown Green Tree Pythons will turn into a near neon color in a few months.

The below image shows just what this little baby will look like once it starts to mature.

Another Biak Locality

Biak Green Tree Python Locality with amazing yellow color
reddit.com | u/Htxvenom

I absolutely love the eyes of this Biak Green Tree Python locality.

It looks as if the patter on it’s head cuts straight through the white of the snakes eye. These are some of the most beautiful and rare-looking reptiles in existence.

The colors are near breathtaking.

A Biak Green Tree Python like this will likely cost you upward of $1,000. The markings are out of this world, and this pictured snake is a true specimen.

Common Questions about Green Tree Pythons

Different Green Tree Python Localities (with pictures)

Sorong Green Tree Python Locality

Sorong Green Tree Python Locality

Sorong localities are notable for their blueish pattern that goes down the center of their back.

Talk about a beautiful snake.

Aru Green tree Python

Aru  Locality
reddit.com | u/Jleejjk

The Aru Green Tree Python Locality is very similar to the above Sorong locality.

The biggest difference between the two is that Arus tend to have lighter green scales.

Kofiau Green Tree Python Locality

Kofiau Green Tree Python Locality
reddit.com | u/blumpsicle

Kofiau Green Tree Pythons are a bright, neon yellow. It’s incredible that a snake can basically take on the same color as a highlighter.

Also, the eyes of this one are really amazing. Kofiaus often have some kind of pattern going down their backs as well.

Yapen Locality

Yapen Locality
reddit.com | u/AllmansJungle

This might be the most on-the-nose of all the Green Tree Python. I’ts very green, and it likes to be in trees… and it’s a python.

In any case, Yapen localities tend to be a solid color, and are also a vibrant grassy-green color.

Cyclop Locality

Cylcop Green Tree Python Locality
reddit.com | u/lowdikklarry

Cyclop localities have a distinct face, much different than other Green Tree Python morphs or localities.

Just check it’s nose out compared to some of the others on this list.

Merauke Green Tree Python

Merauke  Locality
reddit.com | u/blumpsicle

The last picture is of a Merauke Green Tree Python Locality.

The color on this one is a more yellowish-green. It also tends to have a few discolored scales.

[not pictured, rare Green Tree Python localities]

Arfak, Manokwari, Misool, Batanta, Timika, Nabir, Supiori, Padoido, Numfoor, Wamena.

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